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Chinaberry Tree Toxicity: Emergency Vet Care

This is the adorable Twiggy, a 7 month old Dachshund puppy who has received emergency veterinary care by Dr Jina Song for Chinaberry toxicity.

The Chinaberry tree is also know as White Cedar tree or “Melia Azedarach” and is highly toxic.

Twiggy presented at our Point Cook 24hr Pet Emergency Centre suffering an acute onset of vomiting.

Twiggy was most fortunate as her carers saw her eating the berries and rushed her to our centre. Her treatment was successful although she is continuing treatment due to expected complications from stomach insults from her ordeal.

The entire tree is toxic (bark, leaves and flowers) with higher toxin amounts in the berries.

Once eaten, your pet will quickly show varying signs:
– vomiting,
– tremors,
– seizures,
– diarrhoea,
– weakness,
– death (which can occur within 24 hours)

The fruit is highly toxic to animals and people, most likely causing death from kidney, liver failure and central nervous system problems.

If your pet ingests these berries please contact your veterinarian or one of our 24hr Pet Emergency Centres immediately.

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