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Veterinary Emergency: Paraphimosis (Prolapsed penis)


Alfred Vet Emergency Paraphimosis

Alfred was admitted to our Pet Emergency Centre for Paraphimosis (Prolapsed penis). Paraphimosis is the inability to retract the erect penis back into a normal position – into the preputial sheath.

Alfred’s owners had attempted to manually  fix the problem but with no success.

When Alfred arrived at our Essendon Pet Emergency Centre his prolapsed penis was very swollen/inflamed that our emergency vets needed to place Alfred under a general anaesthetic.

Causes of this condition can be from excess licking, sexual excitement or foreign bodies getting up under the skin(hair) and trauma.

If the swelling does not resolve within 30 minutes then immediate veterinary treatment is required due to tissue damage and urethral obstruction. In some cases the tissue of the penis dies off due to lack of blood supply and the dog requires a partial penis amputation.

In Alfred’s case our emergency vets had been able to replace his penis back into it’s normal position. He is a very sweet 5 month old Basset Hound puppy and the staff at AAE wish Alfred a speedy recovery.

If you have a pet emergency please contact one of Animal Hospitals located in Melbourne:
Essendon Fields: (03) 9379 0700
Point Cook: (03) 8368 7400
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