A Big Weekend for Charlie

Treatment for Ethylene Glycol Poisoning in Pets
An overdose of Ethylene Glycol only has one cure – lots of Vodka

Animal Accident & Emergency

AAE Charlie Vodka

This has to be one of the most unusual situations, but this weekend we treated   Charlie for Ethylene Glycol Poisoning.  Ethylene Glycol is a product found commonly in anti – freeze solution.  It is very common in radiator and brake fluids.  The product is usually a bright green colour and is very sweet.  When ingested (even tiny amounts), it causes kidney failure.  Death can occur within a day or so of ingestion.

Initially, pets will look a bit “drunk” or may have some vomiting.  This occurs within an hour or so of ingestion.  The toxin is then broken down in the liver and form a more deadly kidney toxin.

In Australia, the only antidote we have is alcohol.  Alcohol alters the chemical reaction and stops the kidney failure from occurring.  It is important that we treat these pets as soon as possible after ingestion.  For most pets, a couple of…

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