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Contacting a Melbourne Animal Hospital 

If an animal needs an emergency vet, Melbourne pet owners should:

– Keep calm

– Make sure you and your pet is at no further risk of injury

– Call AAE’s 24 hour vet clinic for advice on how to provide first aid treatment

– On the way to the animal emergency centre, cover your pet’s head with a thick blanket to help reduce stress

for him/her and injury to you

– Bring all of your pet’s current medications, and a log of veterinary visits if it has a critical illness


Dealing with common vet emergency situations

Snake Bite

Symptoms of snake bite vary widely, and the degree of vet emergency can depend on the dose of venom the snake injected, the time since the animal was bitten and the type of snake.Symptoms include: 

                                              – Sudden collapse and then apparent recovery
                                              – Vomiting
                                              – Dilated or uneven pupil size
                                              – Wobbly legs which may progress to paralysis
                                              – Reluctance to move, loss of appetite
                                              – Dark red or brown coloured urine
If you suspect your animal has been bitten, bring it to our 24 hour vet clinic as soon as possible. The sooner the animal is seen at a Melbourne animal hospital, the better its chances of surviving.


A wide range of illnesses can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. Although treatment is not usually needed at a Melbourne animal hospital, pets can sometimes become seriously ill and even die. In considering whether to visit an emergency vet, Melbourne pet owners should consider if their cat or dog

– Has blood in their vomit or diarrhoea

– Has another medical condition

– Is on any medication

– May have eaten a foreign object

– Has been vomiting for longer than 24 hours or has had diarrhoea for longer than two days

– Seems unwell: lethargic, reluctant to play or go out, not interested in food

– Is trying to vomit but unable to bring anything up


Bloat (GDV, Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus)

Bloat is a true vet emergency situation requiring immediate attention by an emergency vet. Melbourne pets most at risk are large, deep-chested dog breeds. The stomach and then abdomen will appear swollen.

Other symptoms may include: 

– Attempting to vomit or retch

– Salivating

– Appearing unsettled or distressed

If left untreated your dog can collapse and die, so it is critical that you rush your dog to the animal emergency centre immediately.



Symptoms of a generalised seizure are: 

– Paddling or thrashing legs

– Violent tremors

– Salivation

– Mouth champing

– Urination and defecation

– Disorientation post seizure

Seizures are not necessarily dangerous to the animal. If your dog or cat has more than three seizures in a 24-hour period, if they do not return to completely normal behaviour within 15 minutes of a seizure or if the seizure lasts for longer than 5 minutes, it will need to be seen at our 24 hour vet clinic immediately.

If your pet has a seizure, move it to a safe area where it cannot hurt itself. Do not place your hands near its mouth – a dog cannot swallow its own tongue, but it may accidentally bite you.

Animal Accident & Emergency – Vet Emergency Centres provide dedicated emergency care 24/7.  We are not just an after hours vet clinic.  Our whole focus is emergency and critical care.


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