Baby Bird Season has started in Melbourne: Fledgling

Baby Bird Season FledglingAt Animal Accident & Emergency we have of late received many baby birds from the community who they believe have been abandoned by their parents.

It’s Spring time in Melbourne and many young birds are going through the fledgling stage of their development. After fledglings emerge out of their nest, they can spend up to 2 weeks on the ground while learning to fly. It’s important not to interfere as their parents are still feeding them.

Make a fake bird nest

What to do if I find an abandoned or orphaned bird?

Look around in nearby trees for a nest that may be hidden and place the baby bird back in the nest. If you can’t locate the nest then provide a fake nest by tying a basket or small box that is lined with paper to a tree. Place the bird in the new nest and monitor from a distance. If the bird is not reunited with the parents after 2 hours it will need to be transferred to a registered wildlife carer.

When is rescue necessary?

If the baby bird is injured then please take the bird to your nearest veterinarian.

If the parents do not return to an undisturbed fledgling in two hours then something may be wrong. The bird should be transferred to a registered wildlife carer, please contact Wildlife Victoria.

Don’t stress the chick out!

Treat the chick as if it is in shock. Provide a heat source, quiet and darkness. Keep pets and noisy children away. Don’t over handle it.

Resourceful sites for more information:

Wildlife Victoria:

Wildcare Australia:

Essendon Fields (03) 9379 0700
Point Cook: (03) 8368 7400

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