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Pet CARE: Heat Stroke is a serious Pet Emergency


animal emergency dog drinking water
We do see heat related diseases at our 24 Hour Pet Emergency Centres in Melbourne.Heat stroke is serious and is commonly seen in dogs. Heat stroke, is when the body temperature reaches above > 39.5°C. Dogs may die if their body temperature reaches > 41.7°C.As an emergency critical care specialist centre, we see heat stoke due to:

1. Locking a dog in a car, even if the car windows are open it is too dangerous.
2. Exercising with a dog when there is excessive heat and humidity
3. Leaving your outdoor dog in the sweltering heat without adequate water or shelter/shade.

Some signs of heat stroke:
-Constant panting
-Dry gums that feel sticky to the touch
-Dark red gums
-Dark coloured urine
-Difficulty breathing

If your pet is suffering from a heat stroke, then we need to see your pet as soon as possible.
• Cool them down with fans and water
• Phone us
• Drive to our emergency centres as safe as possible.

Essendon Fields: (03) 9379 0700
Point Cook: (03) 8368 7400




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