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Leo completed his Radioactive Iodine treatment


Leo received Radioactive Iodine treatment

Leo received Radioactive Iodine treatment

I would like to introduce Leo.  Leo has just completed his treatment with Radioactive  Iodine at Animal Accident & Emergency. 

Leo is a lovely cat that has just completed his treatment for Hyperthyroidism.  Hyperthyroidism occurs in some cats due to an over active thyroid gland.  If left untreated it can lead to some serious health conditions.  Treatment involves using medication or treatment with radioactive iodine.

In July, we commissioned a radioactive iodine therapy unit at our Point Cook 24Hr Pet Emergency Centre.  Radioactive iodine has many advantages over medication.  Medication is often required more than once per day, which is difficult in some cats.  The medication is also lifelong.  In treatment with radioactive iodine, we gave Leo a capsule containing radioactive iodine.  Leo then spent 7 days in our therapy unit so that we could monitor his progress.

Most cats that receive the capsule are oblivious to the effects of the capsule during the week.  It is non painful and successful in greater than 90% of cats treated,  Dr Linda Abraham performs our radioactive iodine therapy and has years of experience in this technique.  Patients are admitted on a Monday and treatment occurs on a Tuesday.

If you think that treatment with radioactive iodine might be an option for your cat, please speak to your vet about referral to Dr Abraham for treatment.



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