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The Benefits of Pet Insurance

Animal Accident Emergency Pet Insurance


Unfortunately, Australian pets don’t benefit from any government funded health care systems, like Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme or public hospitals, despite Australia having one of the highest levels of pet ownership in the world. This in turn means that medical treatment of animals can quickly become expensive, particularly in the treatment of severe injuries or chronic diseases due to the extensive resources and medical care required.

Fortunately, there are now a wide range of insurance providers supplying Pet Insurance, as well as a variety of plan options available with each to make it even more affordable and suitable to your needs. Cover can include accident only or accident, illness and even routine care, with costs starting from as little as a few dollars per week for dogs and cats. Plus a range of excess options can be chosen to keep the annual insurance fee down.

The primary benefit of getting Pet Insurance is of course peace of mind in knowing that you are always able to provide the best possible care for your pet in times of need. Pet Insurance allows you to visit any vet (whether it be your regular family vet, emergency vet or a specialist) and will generally cover upwards of 80% of the vet bill depending on the treatment required. Most basic covers will also include at least $7,000-$8,000 worth of total cover for the year, with some covering up to $20,000. So for only a few hundred dollars per year, you can be assured that your loved pets will always be able to receive care to keep them healthy and happy. More importantly, if your pet is ever unfortunate enough to require emergency or ongoing specialist treatment, having Pet Insurance takes money-worries out of an already highly stressful situation…leaving you to focus on what is most important, being with your pets and providing the love and support that they need.

Another benefit of Pet Insurance is that a portion of the proceeds generated by some insurance providers go towards helping other animals in need and animal charity organisations, such as the RSPCA and Guide Dogs Australia.

If you would like more information on Pet Insurance, below are website links to some of the most popular Pet Insurance providers:



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