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Jackson 1 year old Burmese


Jackson presented to the emergency team on Sunday. He had been unwell for a few days. Jackson had been unwell from a snake bite in November and the signs that Jackson were showing were similar.

Jackson’s main reason for presentation was weakness and generally being unwell. On his physical exam he had neurological changes that we see with Tiger snake bite (Lower Motor Neuron weakness). The suspicion of snake bite was confirmed by a blood test that looked at muscle damage (CK).

For Jackson, there was a significant time period between being bitten and presentation to the Emergency Room. Jackson was tested for active venom using a Snake Venom Detection Kit. The kits look for free or active venom in blood or urine. We give anti-venom only to pets that have active or free venom.

Jackson did not require anti-venom, but he will need several days of hospital care to recover. He is resting well on an IV drip and receiving some nice pain relief medication. Jackson will remain in our 24 Hr pet Emergency Centre until he is ready for discharge, or if stable he will return to his family vet, the Diamond Creek Vet Clinic for continued care.

He is making progress, resting and soaking up all the love from our emergency nurses.


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