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In The Emergency Centre This Week

Billy 3

Rat poisons not only kill rats and mice but will kill family pets as well.

On Sunday this week, Billy a lovely 18month old bulldog was transferred to our 24hr animal hospital from his family vet. Billy had developed classic signs of internal bleeding (common with rat poisons).

On presentation to our emergency centre, Billy had severe bleeding into both his chest and abdomen. He was at the point where the amount of blood he was losing was life threatening. Dr Yenni our senior veterinary resident needed to provide Billy with an emergency blood transfusion. In this case, the blood transfusion was critical and needed to be completed within minutes to save Billy’s life The degree of blood loss was severe enough that we now need to monitor for any damage to body organs including his heart.

By late Sunday afternoon, Billy remained in our purpose built intensive care cage where he was able to receive oxygen and we could monitor his heart (ECG). He is now stable and feeling much better. He will remain with our ICU team for the next 24 hours.

When Billy is ok to go home, he will receive an antidote for the rodenticide for at least 6 weeks.

Please be careful with Rat Poisons – Billy’s owner was very diligent, but Billy still found a way to snack on the rate poison.

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