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The hot weather is back with a vengeance this week.

dog and ice

The weather bureau has predicted heatwave conditions for at least the next 4 days. The chance of heat stress for your pets will be very high during this period.

Just like with people, our elderly pets or those with chronic diseases are at a very high risk. If your pet has a chronic illness, then you need to take extra care. The heat wave may affect your pet if they have the following chronic illnesses:

• Diabetes
• Chronic Heart Disease – especially if your pet takes diuretics (frusemide)
• Chronic airway disease
• Cushings or Addisons
• Chronic Renal Failure
• Receiving “steroids” for immune diseases
• Pets that have vomiting or diarrhoea – they will dehydrate very quickly

If your pet is classed as a “brachycephalic” (short squashed nose, for example a pug) then you need to take particular care.

These pets have trouble regulating their body temperature.

What to do:

• Any sign of illness – do not wait. Have your pet checked early rather than waiting
• Avoid exercising during the next few days
• Ensure there is plenty of drinking water – that cannot be knocked over
• If you have minimal shade at home – consider a doggy daycare or kennel your pet
• Ensure there is some form of cooling available – fans etc

Our 24Hr Pet Emergency Centres are available for advice or treatment at any time. Essendon 9379 0700; Point Cook 8368 7400;

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