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Lost Pets after New Years Eve


The Hangover for Pets

Welcome to 2014.  For most of us we are just starting o crawl out of bed and look for the Panadol. At both our 24 Hr. Pet Emergency Hospitals we have seen a large influx of stray / lost  pets post fireworks.  We often treat injured stray animals and working with local councils and The Lost Dog’s Home re-unite many of the lost pets. 

One thing that is common is that when people and pets move home, their microchip details are not updated.  So many pets have microchips, but phone numbers and addresses are not correct.  This can make it almost impossible to re-unite your pet to you,

If you have lost your pet overnight, please ensure that your you update your microchip details immediately

Central Animal Records     National Pet Register  

If you have lost your pet the contact either of our 24 Hr Animal Hospitals to see if we can help.  Other places that you should call:

Local Council  

Lost Dogs Home

All the Team at Animal Accident & Emergency hope that your pets are safe and well.  We are Always Open, We Always Care.  Essendon 9379 0700;  Point Cook 8368 7400;  www.animalemergency.com.au


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