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Several dog attacks present to our 24hr Animal Hospitals

Lexie fb pic

In the last week we have seen several dog attacks present to our 24hr animal hospitals.  While some of these patients have needed minimal treatment, we have had some very severe injuries.  One of the most remarkable patients that our ICU is treating is Lexie.  Lexie presented to us our Essendon 24 Hour Pet Emergency Centre almost a week ago.  Her owner had taken her to a local park which was an off-leash area.  No dogs were in the park so Lexie was allowed to run and play.  Within a minute she was attacked by two rogue  dogs.

The attack was horrific and left Lexie with major abdominal injuries.  Her body wall was damaged, allowing her intestines to exit (evisceration).  Lexie was left with her intestines hanging on the ground.  Lexie’s owner was beside herself as she does not drive and was left at the park with her injured pet.  Luckily a stranger stopped to help and brought her to our emergency centre in Essendon.  Immediately our emergency team raced to treat Lexie.  In the initial stage they worked to reduce her pain, treat shock and clean the intestines to prevent further damage.  Within hours, Lexie was in surgery having the area repaired and her abdomen explored for injuries.

It is now day 6 since surgery.  Lexie is such a brave girl and while she is still critical, she is making improvements each day.  The ICU team are with her all day and night making sure that her pain is minimal and her vitals are stable.  With Lexie, we have needed to perform intensive monitoring.  She has had special catheters placed (Central Venous Line) as well as feeding tubes and blood pressure monitoring.  Lexie is likely to have some further surgery as part of treatment.  We are hoping that she can continue to improve.

Lexie has been a very complex case for the ICU team.  They have had to deal with multiple issues to help Lexie recover.  None of this would have been possible without the dedication of Lexie’s Mum and the stranger who stoped to help.  All the team at Animal Accident & Emergency would like to thank you for allowing us the privilege to help Lexie.  Our thoughts are with you Lexie – Get Well! Please send some get well messages for Lexie and her Mum.


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