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Hot Weather Warning

dog on ice

The temperature today is likely to reach 35 degrees C or higher. The sun is a fantastic welcome to us in Melbourne but we do see heat related disease at our 24 Hour Pet Emergency Hospitals / Animal Hospitals. Here are some very simple tips:

• Avoid exercising when the temperature is high
• Make sure your pets have plenty of shade
• Make sure there is ample water that your pet cannot tip over
• Only exercise your pet in this weather if they are fit and active
• Kiddies pools can work well to help your pets keep cool
• Hosing your pets can keep them cool
• Freezing there food or ice cubes in water as a treat

Heat stress is a serious disease and we treat pets for it with each heat wave. Some pets are more prone to heat stress:

• Dogs with short noses – pugs, bulldogs, staffys etc.
• Dogs with chronic problems – arthritis, kidney disease, overweight, diabetes, are just some examples.
• Fire works on hot nights is a big cause of heat stress

If your pet is suffering heat stress, then we need to see your pet as soon as possible.
• Cool them down with fans and water
• Phone us
• Drive to our emergency centres as safe as possible.

Here is a great article that explains heat stress in more detail:




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