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New Technology Improves Patient Care


cat cortisol idexxdog idexxIdexx Cortisol testing

One of the vital resources that we have in our 24 Hour Pet Emergency Centres is our pathology lab.  The ability to run a range of different tests and have results back to the vet within minutes is amazing.  It changes our patient care and saves lives.  These type of tests are called Point of Care Testing (POCT).  In the past, it was limited to a small number of tests.  Often there would be delays as we would send blood tests to a lab and wait for the results to return.

The pathology systems we use in our 24 Hour Pet Emergency Centres  are supplied by IDEXX.  IDEXX have recently developed a new range of tests which are now available for us to use at the emergency centre.

In critical illness, the ability to run Cortisol (natural stress hormone) is vital.  Until recently we would need to wait 12 to 24 hours prior to a lab being able to return this result.  Thanks to IDEXX we can now run this test in-house and have results within ½ hour.

During the recent weekend we were present with a pet that appeared to have a disease called Addisons. (Hypoadrenacorticism).  Without diagnosis and appropriate treatment, this disease will cause death.  In the past we have had to wait for results prior to definitive treatment occurring.  Now with this test available we can start treatment much sooner. We may be the only Emergency Centre in Melbourne using this technology.

Idexx Snap Cortesol result

Part of our ethos at Animal Accident & Emergency is to introduce new technologies that will improve patient care.  We invest heavily in our equipment and resources to ensure that we can provide the best patient care in an emergency.  Animal Accident & Emergency, more than just a Melbourne Animal Hospital.


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