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A nervous but brave 4 year old Chihuahua

Tank 4

Tank a nervous but brave 4 year old Chihuahua just come in to our 24hr Animal Hospital in Essendon. Tank had been stung by Bee in his right hind paw.

Tank was very brave as Dr Yenny Indrawirawan our Resident Emergency Vet removed the sting from his paw then gave him a Histamil and Dexamethasone injection.
Wasps & Bee stings can cause a mild or severe allergic reaction, although most dogs and cats (like most humans) are not allergic to bees or wasps.
If the reaction to the sting is severe it can cause the airways to close causing your pet to asphyxiate, the sting doesn’t have to be near the face to cause this to happen. If your pet collapses or if there is any swelling around the face or throat, trouble breathing, pale gums or pain, try and have your pet taken to your veterinary clinic immediately.

For more information on Pet First Aid for Wasps & Bee Stings

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