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Pet First Aid – How to stop nails bleeding

Dog nail bleeding pet first aid

How to stop nails bleeding

If you have trimmed your pet’s nails to the quick, they may start to bleed. To help stem the flow of bleeding you can:

  • Firmly press the nail into a bar of soap or candle wax. This will form a plug at the end of the nail.
  • Potassium Permanganate (Condies Crystals) can also be used – dampen the tip of a cotton bud, dip into your jar until there is a small layer of crystals over the tip, then apply firm pressure with the cotton bud tip to the bleeding nail

pet first aid course aae

Animal Accident & Emergency is running 1 day Pet First Aid Courses on Sunday  1st & 15th December 2013.

ENROL ONLINE or find out more Pet First Aid Course


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