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Pet First Aid – Wasps & Bee stings

Bee & wasp

Wasps & Bee stings can cause a mild or severe allergic reaction, although most dogs and cats (like most humans) are not allergic to bees or wasps. 

If the reaction to the sting is severe it can cause the airways to close causing your pet to asphyxiate, the sting doesn’t have to be near the face to cause this to happen. If your pet collapses or if there is any swelling around the face or throat, trouble breathing, pale gums or pain, try and have your pet taken to your veterinary clinic immediately.


  • Bees and wasps commonly sting around the mouth, lips and sometimes on the feet 
  • A swelling at the site of the sting 
  • Drooling 
  • Vomiting 
  • Pain at the site of the sting 
  • Itchiness at the site of the bite or over the whole body 
  • Pawing at the mouth 
  • Difficulty breathing


  • Remove the sting if you can find 
  • Apply a cool face washer or wash the area with cool water 
  • Contact your vet for further advice


Animal Accident & Emergency is running 1 day Pet First Aid Courses on Sunday  24th November 2013, 1st & 15th December 2013.

 ENROL ONLINE or find out more http://www.animalemergency.com.au/pet-first-aid-course.html

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