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Even A Vet can have a sick pet

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This is Bluebell who is a 12 month old female cat who belongs to Dr Scott Hall. Bluebell is currently in the hospital undergoing blood tests to help identify a cause for seizures.

Seizures or fits occur when there is abnormal electrical activity within the brain. There are many different reasons why this may develop. In some cases it can be a defect that they are born with. This is termed Epilepsy.

Some of the common signs that occur when a pet seizures:
• Thrash uncontrollably
• Often defecate or urinate
• Do not respond to you
• Salivate or froth at the mouth
• May be disorientated after the event

Other causes of seizures can include: Liver disease, Kidney disease, Electrolyte disorders, Toxins, Brain inflammation (meningitis), Tumours (neoplasia).

When a pet presents to our 24hour Pet Emergency Centres with seizures, we perform a set of tests to help identify the cause. Initially we collect blood to assess liver and kidney function. We ensure the patients vitals are normal, including monitoring blood pressure. If the blood tests are normal, then we will often give you the option of seeing our Medical Specialist. Dr Linda Abraham will then discuss a treatment plan that often includes imaging of the brain and a CSF tap (collecting a sample of the fluid around the brain).

With Bluebell, we are at the beginning of finding out why she has had seizures.
What Should I do if my pet has seizure:

• Take your pet to the vet if this is the first seizure that you have seen
• During a seizure support their head and make sure they are away from danger
• Do not touch mouth – they cannot swallow their tongue, but they will bite without knowing
• If the seizure will not stop, ensure your pet is cool by covering with a small amount of water and making sure there is plenty of air flow.
• Look for some of the common toxins: Toads in the warmer areas, snail bait or human medications.
• Phone us and let us know you are coming
• Drive safely to the vet

We will keep you updated on what is happening with Bluebell.


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