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Rusty diagnosed with Poymetra



Today we had the pleasure of discharging Rusty.  Rusty is a lovable energetic staffy who was transferred to our Point Cook 24hr Pet Emergency Centre  on Monday.  Rusty was diagnosed with a condition termed Pyometra.  Pyometra (Pyo for short) is where the uterus is full of fluid, usually with an infection / pus.

The infection makes the dogs feel really sick and in the worst cases can result in death.  With Rusty, the best option as part of the treatment was emergency surgery.

Late on Monday night, Rusty had exploratory surgery and her uterus was removed.  Since that time, Rusty has made a slow and steady recovery. The great news for Rusty and her owners is that she is now well enough to head home for some much needed TLC.

Good luck Rusty and we hope to see you back in a couple of days for a recheck.


The typical signs of dogs with a Pyo:

  •  Usually older dogs
  • Might have an unusual season or have been in season in the last 6 weeks
  • Appear to be drinking more water than normal
  • General lethargy / sickness
  • Often are not wanting to eat or are vomiting


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