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Pet First Aid – Gum Colour & Refill Time

Checking Your Pet for:

  • Gum Colour – gently lift up your pet’s gums, what colour are they; bright red, pale pink, grayish white, grayish blue, white or yellow?

gum first aid

  • Refill Time – gently press your finger into the gum, watch it blanch and see how long it takes the blood to return back into the gums where it has been pressed.

Normal (Cat & Dog)

1-2 seconds

  • Are the gums and tongue wet or dry to touch? If they are dry it may be due to dehydration
  • If the gums are pigmented, you should become familiar with the mucous membranes of the prepuce or vulva in case you need to evaluate for potential problems
  • White or pale gums can be a sign of shock or blood loss. Blue gums (cyanosis) are from low amounts of oxygen in the blood (hypoxia). This is an Emergency.
  • Very dark red gums can be seen with heat stroke, blood infection (sepsis) or potential carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Yellow gums can be a sign of liver problems (jaundice)

By knowing how your pet behaves normally, you will be attuned to when they are not feeling well. Use the following list as a guide when speaking to your veterinarian as it will provide valuable information to assist in determining what could be wrong.


Know what to do when your pet needs you the most!

Animal Accident & Emergency is running 1 day Pet First Aid Courses on Sunday 10th & 24th November 2013, 1st & 15th December 2013.




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