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Cardiology Workshop

Linda vet

Our Medicine Specialist Dr Linda Abraham will this week be attending a cardiology course.  Cardiology involves heart and major blood vessels.  As a medicine specialist, Linda often deals with heart problems in dogs and cats.

Heart disease is common in pets.  We use similar tests or diagnostics as for people to  investigate their heart disease.  Linda has an ultrasound unit that allows her to perform and Echocardiogram of the heart.  Other common procedures that Linda will perform includes ECG and specialised blood testing.  The specialised tests help to identify the type of heart disease and the best medication and treatment plan.

The course this weekend will allow Linda to work with 3 world renown Veterinary Cardiologists.  It will ensure that the level of care that we provide pets is the best care possible.  Linda will be attending the Course on Thursday and Friday this week.  While Linda will be out of town, our team can still contact her if there are urgent questions if  your pet is currently being treated by Linda.

Veterinary cardiology



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