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Melbourne has one of the largest populations of Tiger Snakes

tiger snake

If you encounter a snake and it has bitten your pet – Make sure everyone is safe and out of danger.  Carry your pet to the car and drive directly to an Emergency Centre.  Your pet will usually need anti venom and not all vet clinics will stock anti venom.

With Tiger Snakes, seeing a bite mark is rare.  There are times that your pet may have been bitten and you can be unaware.  The common signs of Tiger Snake bite include pets who suddenly start vomiting, having trouble walking, urinating blood, collapsing.  Signs may develop shortly after or during a walk in bushland or along river banks etc.

In either case – if you think that your pet may have been bitten, then we need to see them as soon as possible!!!!

We have two convenient emergency centers.  Our Emergency Centres run 24Hr Intensive Care Units.  We service many suburbs in Melbourne.

Animal Accident & Emergency Essendon – 9379 0700

Animal Accident & Emergency Point Cook – 8368 7400



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