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Intern Rounds

This week our intern rounds will be discussing Smoke Inhalation and burns.  Our intern rounds are held most weeks of the year and are part of our continuing education for our healthcare team. 

A look into this weeks rounds at AAE


Although the cooler months are behind us house fires are still an occurrence and unfortunately our pets can be severely affected, not only by the thermal burns but also inhaling smoke filled with toxins. Today in our tutorial we will be looking at the devastating affects of thermal burn injuries and smoke inhalation. Thermal burn injuries can range form minor burns which heal in a short amount of time to life threatening severe bury injuries accounting for >20% of body surface area.

Today we will discussing a journal article looking at the recovery of a 1 year old beagle that successfully recovered from severe smoke inhalation and required mechanical ventilation and stayed in hospital for a total of 15 days. Thermal burns are classified not only with the depth of the burns but also with total area of the burns. Thermal burns treatment can range from very simple (topical cream) to very intensive in hospital management requiring a delicate balance of intravenous fluids and management of wounds to prevent infection and unfortunately secondary complications are a common occurrence.

We will also be discussing how our pet’s lungs are affected by trauma, due to the anatomy of the lungs they are very susceptible to blunt trauma. Animals usually have bleeding in and around their lungs and present to the emergency centres with difficulty breathing; upon presentation we often observe them with an increased rate and effort of breathing. 


Nick Clifford Greer


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