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School Holidays and Pets

school holidays

School holidays and the winter break are now upon us. A lot of people at this time of year migrate North to enjoy some sunshine. Taking your pets on holidays can be lots of fun. If you are travelling with pets then please send us some great holiday photos for Facebook.

To make your travel easier remember the following:
• Always have fresh water and a bowl available when you travel
• Never leave your pet in the car – even for short periods
• Keep extra food with you in case you get delayed
• Some pets get travel sick – take them for a short test drive prior to a big journey to see how they cope
• Use a pet restraint inside the car
• Stop frequently for walks and toilet breaks
• Always keep a first aid kit available – YES we do sell them
• Look out for danger where you are holidaying – Some of the common problems that we do not have in Melbourne are Paralysis Tick and Cane Toads – Ask people where you are holidaying if they could be a problem.

Have lots of fun and enjoy the Holiday.

Always Open – We Always Care

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Photo from: petfriendlyacc.blogspot.com


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