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Pets and Paralysis Tick – Holiday Dangers

Pets and Paralysis Tick - Holiday Dangers

Holidays and Pets

One of the most common problems people face when travelling with pets is the Paralysis Tick. The paralysis tick is a small creature that grows to the size of a pea. In Australia we have some very dangerous species that can cause paralysis and death in our pets. They are most common where there is humidity. The Eastern coast of Australia is a common place to find theses ticks. As well as East Gippland in Victoria.

The ticks live on grass and then attach themselves when pets brush by. Signs can start within hours. Some dogs are resistant to the ticks but most dogs will start to show the following signs within 1-2 days:
• Trouble walking
• Panting or trouble breathing
• Vomiting
• Altered bark / voice
• Eventual paralysis and death
Paralysis tick from Wikipedia
The biggest cause of death is due to either paralysis of the chest muscles or from chocking on vomit (aspiration).
There is treatment: We stock an anti-tick toxin that helps to neutralise the tick venom. They do require 24 Hr Hospital care and some will require Intensive Care or Life Support.
There are several products that can help prevent ticks paralysis. If you are travelling then start these products well before you go or check with vets in the local area to find out what they recommend works best.
If your pet is unwell and you have been to a tick area, then you need to be seen. Our 24Hr Emergency Centres are one of few places in Melbourne that stock the lifesaving anti-tick toxin.
24hr help always available. Our Emergency Centres are open everyday. Let us Care for your pet it deserves the best.

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